Drought of Maths and Science in India

Do you know that 2012 is declared as “National mathematical year” in India? We would rather speculate about the ‘probability’ of the world ending in 2012 instead of celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.

Well speaking about present day, you may find the modern day technologies “cool” but technological progress is impossible without scientific progress. Countries which progress in the field of science rule the world. Quoting a very famous example of America, their nuclear research brought the WW2 to an end. Also their progress in quantum physics brought about a revolution in electronics and made them the economic superpower. India needs mathematicians and scientists, not just engineers.

Even if contributing to science is not yielding any immediate economic profits it’s an honor and privilege to show the world how to look at the world, to be able to walk with our heads held high in front of others. Think beyond technology, think science.

National mathematical year


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