Linearity …..Obvious?

As Humans we think linearly. We use this notion of linearity to such an extent that it loses its significance. I mean, say you do double the amount of work (than told to), what shall you expect to get in return? Of course you will expect double pay (and some praise ……….. maybe). Now why do you expect double the cash, why not 4 times? The question seem to be ridiculous, you may be thinking how in the world anyone can expect 4 times the pay for double the work (……..such a job seriously rocks ). I ask why not? The question is annoying as it is fighting our instincts. The question is so  fundamental that it touches the foundations of our thinking process.

Reason-Humans think linearly. As a science student the first and easiest property to be proved is the linearity property. We neglect it saying it is obvious, but should we? Does everything in nature is linear? No, in fact most of the activity taking place in nature is non-linear.A musician doesn’t play a note on every beat   As a human tendency of linearizing every study we define functions in such a way that they are linear. This has proved very beneficial to science and it is the right approach. All i want to convey is that the next time you approach a problem linearly , reflect just for a moment,  is the characteristic of the problem  really linear


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