5 reasons to watch Tamil movies

I have been watching Tamil movies for 8 years now and thought of blogging about my favorite film industry in India. So here is my list of reasons why you should watch Tamil movies (if you are not watching) and watch more if u are already watching them

5. Well first thing which strikes you about Tamil films is not the films itself but its huge crazy fan following from Singapore to Chennai to Japan. So u must try and find out why it is reaching beyond borders.

4. Leader in producing the most famous DappanKuthu songs with unique dance style (you just can’t listen to those songs quietly). I know telugu guys will give serious competition but come on guys we can beat “ringa ringas” with “appadi podu”,”where is the party” and “nakka mukka”

3. You can participate in the great battle of THALA vs THALAPATHI or SURYA VS VIJAY. Believe me guys it’s too much fun to irritate the vijay rasigars.

2. No film industry depicts the minute happenings in everyday life of an Indian as in good as in Tamil films. you get the movies which are close to your real day life(of course with some masala)

1. Finally RAJINIKANTH is all I will say.


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