It’s not just about choosing

“Life is sum of all your choices”. There are many such quotes which say that choosing is important in life. Guidance can be obtained from experienced people and many texts during the process of choosing. But not much is known about the important element in the act of choosing that is the choices themselves and if a decision is to be made who should make it.

Here is a TED video by, an Indian origin woman, Sheena Iyengar which I saw one or two years ago but it is still fresh in my memory because it takes a deeper look into our understandings like “having more the choices is always better”,  “always decisions must be made by ourselves” and many more such intuitive feelings. I feel that I shouldn’t venture into drawing conclusions on such fragile topics and it is obviously better explained by Iyengar herself. Spend a few minutes watching this video because she talks about choosing about which people say “life is all about making choices”.


6 thoughts on “It’s not just about choosing

  1. there are some negligibly small choices like buying particular flavor of ice cream among many…. and others are such where “our choices decide everything about us”….have lots of choices to make, some are urgent & life deciding and others are like ice-cream….and it truly reflects what Nitin said “as random as life itself”….lots of choices and lots of randomness….i feel that’s the beauty of life….:-)

    1. don’t you think that life being beautiful or not depends on the outcome of the decision you made? or will you say that life is beautiful irrespective of the result? I don’t think there is anything like right answer to these questions, they are personal, but choices are certainly part of life .. either you like them or not.. so I feel it’s better to be aware of the complexities of choice making rather than being in dark.. and on A PERSONAL NOTE i feel it’s good to have less number of choices(whoever have written multiple choice questions knows very well about this!) and even better when there are no choices(don’t apply the “multiple choice question” argument here!!) because then we have to adapt to the situation and it makes us stronger.. But i certainly do feel that we should make our decisions so that we take responsibility and blame or prize to ourselves. we should not spend our life blaming others..

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