Highly unlikely events in our lifetime

My fellow citizens rather netizens, I wanted share my list of some events which i feel are highly unlikely to happen in our lifetime. It’s in no particular order and I am posting only those which are tangible and leaving out events which are subjective.  If you want to include more or feel that I’m wrong do let me know.

  • India hosting an Olympics: After the fiasco of Commonwealth games it becomes all the more impossible.
  • India winning gold in Olympics hockey
  •   India playing in football world cup
  • Any Indian educational institution (especially concerned with in science and technology) entering the league of top 10 institutions in the world.
  • Controversial but yes, India privatizing educational institutions. The present definition of charitable trusts in India controlling colleges doesn’t make sense to me. Education and universities are supposed to involve in advanced developments in various field but we see it as some charity work.
  • India becoming energy surplus
  •   Indian per capita income rising to top 25 or 50 in the world. Indirectly saying that India becoming a super-power. Since I can’t include intangible events I’m including this point.
  •   Single party winning majority in lower house of Indian parliament
  •   Stable alternative and opposition party to Indian national congress. If you call this subjective then let me define this. Say, a single non congress party forming government (of course as a part of alliance) for at least 5 full terms.
  • A real Indian movie (not like slumdog millionaire) winning Oscar.

Well I would be really happy if I’m proved wrong in any of these points. And as to the question of why I made this list, well I usually like to take a stand on various issues and have no illusions.

If you were thinking that lifetime isn’t defined then here it is! Indian life expectancy is 65 years and we are around 20 so lifetime is in next 40 odd years and I’m only calling them “Highly unlikely”.


4 thoughts on “Highly unlikely events in our lifetime

    1. This is sort of win-win post from me.. if the points are proved right then I’m right if it is proved wrong then i’ll be happy anyway 🙂

  1. You are very tough on your country. Though most of your points would be quite relevant for my native coutnry as well – even our life expectancy is pretty much the same 😦 . Though if any of them will be proven wrong, I’ll be happy anyway 🙂

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