You probably missed these on youtube!

When I clicked on a Youtube video shared by my friend on Facebook I didn’t know I was about to discover a whole new world on Youtube.

In case you didn’t know.. There are something called channels on Youtube (basically Youtube pages which are created by people to post their videos) and here I share 4 of my favourite channels which are excellent. Just click on these links and you will probably forget that you started here!

I never knew the ordinary numbers can be so much fun! I am sure you will fall in love with queen of mathematics number theory after watching this channel. PS: I no more consider numbers as ordinary

If you thought physics is nerdy and complicated stuff.. Here is a channel which will explain most advance physics in minutes!

If you always wondered the difference between England and Britain check this out.. All sorts of misconceptions debunked here!

Just like us you cant put Vsauce channel into a category.. He uploads videos on several scientific topics and they are simply too awesome 🙂


2 thoughts on “You probably missed these on youtube!

  1. Interesting…The Prism has enlightened me…I’ve never searched for such videos on YouTube at all. Now, I can add these channels to my list of things to watch during this short vacation. 🙂

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