The people who crashed the World!!

After I read a piece of news:

Me: Why do Indian politicians keep showing us growth rates and other statistics? Don’t they have other serious work to do. In fact growth rate has come down in the recent years.

My friend: Maybe they are just trying to show condition’s here are better. After the 2008 Economic Tsunami across the world, things are worse outside than in India. In fact some countries are bankrupt and other’s on the verge of it.

Me: I know that, but I have never been able to buy that a whole country can go bankrupt. What actually caused all this trouble?

My friend:I have gone through some articles which claimed that American business policy caused this disaster, but I sensed they were heavily biased, plus most of the articles were written by Europeans (nothing implied….. 🙂 ).

Me: I, too had a look at such articles but they were never clear to a layman like me.

My friend: Leave it man, all that is history.

And he left.

I was curious, but from my past searches I knew that articles and wiki are not much useful. Randomly browsing through YouTube though,  i stumbled upon this:

Well, you would appreciate this documentary in being so clear and not boring .Additionally, it is just the first part of a bundle of four and the others are as good as the first one so, I am obliged to put them here too. The other three deal more with the consequences but they are no ways less interesting.So watch them and get some free food for your brain….(plus get some to others by sharing the post 🙂 )


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