Srilankan Tamil Issue

From my interaction with the people from Tamil Nadu (TN) I understand that they are very proud and sensitive about their language just like the Maharashtra, Andhra and Karnataka people. I am not against this feeling but when this feeling clashes with the national interests they must put the country first. May the words of Sachin Tendulkar teach these people a lesson or two: “I am an Indian first and then a Marati”.

In fact the Srilankan Tamil issue is not a domestic regional issue. It is an issue of foreign affairs. Supporting some foreigners just because they speak Tamil at the cost of Indian interest doesn’t make any sense. Though I don’t like the congress party I feel that this issue of foreign affairs shouldn’t have been a reason for DMK to destabilize our central government. And certainly the decision of AIADMK government to stop Srilankan players from playing in Chennai IPL matches is a black mark to our nation.

Now let us look at this foreign issue and analyze where it stands in history. There have been terrible war crimes in the past. Be it the Germans or the Red army of the Russians or the rape of Nanking, Many(may be all) winners of the war have committed crimes. I am not saying that those acts are justified. But all I ask  from the people of TN is to sympathize with Polish, German, Chineese and other people who suffered from war crimes equally and don’t weigh any particular war crime more than the others.

North Indians generalize that TN people are educated people (sometime call them nerds) so I do hope that they don’t continue this folly. Many great people including people from TN have served their life for the mammoth task of unifying India. Let us respect them by being united at least on all foreign matters.

PS: In the matters of controversy, the weakest link in the argument is the credibility of the writer. So let me clarify that though I am not a Tamilian, I am probably ‘more tamilian’ than those tamilians who don’t speak Tamil. In fact, some of my kannadiga friends are irked when I converse in Tamil. So I am not (and cannot be) an anti-tamil ideologist. I am not pro-srilankan either as I have nothing to do with that nation.


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