Masala sapiens

I tried to find the line which separates artistic expression and commercial masala. But I found that some practises and contents considered as masala in olden days are now considered normalcy by significant number of people. I call these people as Masala sapiens who are addicted to masala. These are some of the salient features of this  species: A Masala sapien

  • gets amused only if celebrity break up gossip involves betrayal
  • finds only the memes interesting in facebook
  • thinks movie with multiple super heros is better than  movie with a single super hero
  • likes to watch only debates on news channels
  • fast forwards parts of a commercial cinema and watches it
  • enjoys only super overs and finds t20 boring
  • Reads supplements of Times of India before reading Times of India
  • reads only points and not paragraphs

If you have observed any other quality of Masala sapien then do share below in comments.


3 thoughts on “Masala sapiens

  1. Masala Sapien – Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? 😀 After a long wait, your “Masala” article is finally out. Great work! 🙂 The question, now, is: “Being a Masala Sapien – is it a good thing or a bad thing?”

    1. i didn’t have internet connection for a while which caused the delay. my apologies.

      A Homo Sapien wouldnt want to know whether being Masala Sapien is good or bad but a Masala sapien would want to know (because that is where Masala regarding this topic lies). I,being Homo sapien, don’t know about it so I only state facts or my observations.

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