The Great Indian Coalition Politics

For a country as vast and diverse as India with multi-party system is bound to have coalition politics. Everyone in India understands that only an alliance can form a government at the centre. Here I want to express my concern not at the idea of coalition politics itself but regarding the way in which alliances are being formed.

Though the need for coalition arises because of practical reasons, the need for separate parties itself is because of the fact that one party ideology differs from that of others (at least in theory). But look at the parties which have done the following deeds

  1. Aligning with National Democratic Alliance- NDA in one term and United Progressive Alliance- UPA in the next (eg. Trinmool Congress- TMC, Dravida munnetra kazhagam- DMK)
  2. Two rival parties at state level supporting same alliance at the centre (eg. Bahujan Samajwadi Party- BSP and Samajwadi Party- SP supporting UPA)
  3. Principal opposition party (eg. Janatal Das(secular)-JDS in karnataka, Nationalist Congress Part- NCP in Arunachal Pradesh) for Congress supporting them at times both at centre and state

Observing these kind of frequent changes in the stands of political parties involved in the great Indian coalition politics (similarity of this phrase with “the great Indian comedy show” is intentional), one can easily notice the reason behind these developments i.e., multi-party system of India giving way to establishment of numerous regional parties. These regional parties getting just 20-30% of votes in just one of the Indian states have started to feel that they can control the central and the state governments. DMK interference with Indian foreign affairs ( was probably the peak of audacity shown by a regional party.  I seriously doubt if these regional parties have any ideology and stand on various issues that is required of a political party or they are just behind power and personal gains.


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