The other day, while I was lazing about and watching Grey’s Anatomy, the anomaly between the title and the American way of spelling struck me. Surely it must have been more than a mere coincidence. Intrigued, I researched (what better way to spend your precious holidays than searching for random stuffs on the net 😛 ) and realized that it stemmed from Gray’s Anatomy which is a human anatomy textbook written by Henry Gray and followed by doctors worldwide.
Though Gray has been given due credit for his path breaking finds, he has been unduly credited as the Father of Modern Anatomy. This title should solely belong to Andreas Vesalius-the first person to explore the human anatomy. On further ‘digging’, I came to know that since dissection of the human body had been banned by the Church, he had to resort to grave digging and robbing in his quest for knowledge. He had even stolen a body from the gallows in order to educate his fellow students!
Truly such altruistic passion is the driving force for the creators of tomorrow-something that has been substituted with award-driven-research and papers-published-for-publishing-sake attitude of today’s generation. I wonder if anonymous people do live as insignificantly as possible and strive to build a better tomorrow.


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