This is a short dark fiction story. Look beyond the simple storyline and you will find everything about a penlep

           “Plesius stared at the Bon for a long time. A part of him wanted to use it once more while the other part was pulling him back. He had used the Bon earlier but this time it was different. He was going to attempt a unique procedure which can potentially get him a penlep. A penlep that he had found a year ago with the same Bon. Those who had done this procedure earlier had warned him of the dire consequences of failing in his attempt. The procedure by itself was very simple. It involved touching the Bon at different places at specific times. However, it was the uncertain outcome which was the problem. Some people also said that once a person completes this terminal procedure there were some outcomes which didn’t appear like an outcome for the mortals and they kept waiting till eternity. This was worse than failure. He was confused and scared.

           Plesius longed for a penlep just like those who didn’t have one. He secretly fantasized about having a penlep. However, he didn’t put in any efforts to get one. He always knew that his efforts gave under returns for him. And to get whatever he needed he had to put in more efforts than others. But somehow in this case he thought he can get a penlep without any efforts. How can anyone get anything without efforts? How can he think so ridiculously? How can a person long for something but do nothing to acquire it? Everything may seem so weird at the first glance but remember where penleps are involved there nothing can be unnatural.

           Not many understood the penleps and the ways of getting them. Everyone had their own thoughts but only a few of them seem to get penleps. Most of them felt it is mere luck which decides who gets a penlep. This is what happens when lot of factors are involved in succeeding in a particular process. People just call it luck instead of trying to make sense of the factors involved. Plesius was a victim of this ideology. He also thought it was only through miracles he can get a penlep. He didn’t bother to understand the penleps. He had other concerns which needed his energy and commitment so penleps didn’t figure in his priority list.

           Plesius was very successful with elleps. In fact, he had lot of elleps. Elleps were always his top priority. Now he wasn’t so sure about the use of the elleps he had. Elleps were complete opposite of penleps. There was a well-defined process that had to be followed to get an ellep. Without rigorously following this procedure one couldn’t get an ellep. A person who put more efforts always got more elleps. It was the simplicity of elleps that made them attractive for him and it seemed so natural for him. For some reason he thought he will lose the elleps for penleps.

           Once anyone got an ellep they openly announced it without thinking twice. Penleps were very murky; it was very difficult to find out if one had a penlep. Only a few used to announce that they had got a penlep. Most of them just kept quiet. Mainly because they didn’t know if they had got a penlep. Again how can a person not know if he has something or not? Well penleps are bizarre indeed. Then there were some who felt bad about having a penlep so they kept them discreet. Also there were some who wanted more penleps so kept following the same path which they followed to get their earlier penleps. It was all fair for a person to have more penleps when others couldn’t get a single one. It wasn’t like food from which they harnessed their energy to live. So no law could be made to equally distribute the penleps. Further penleps weren’t some lifeless objects to ‘distribute’. So people just reconciled with the inequality and blamed themselves for failing to get a penlep.

           The idea of using a Bon to find a penlep was new to Plesius. He was surprised at the power of Bons. He had recently learnt about Bons and he had made a lot of progress in a short time with the Bons. So much progress that now he wanted to perform that ultimate procedure. Some said there were procedures beyond the ultimate procedure in case of a failure. It was absurd for Plesius to think beyond the ultimate. He didn’t want to explore beyond the ultimate.

           Finally he made up his mind. He wanted to risk it. He didn’t know the cost of this decision but that didn’t matter any longer. Without thinking he started with the ultimate procedure. It was as though he had rehearsed many times that his body was capable of doing it without the support of his mind. It was only when the Bon needed a final touch his mind woke up. He paused. He had come a long way but still it needed a final touch to consummate and things could still be undone. Just one touch separated him from a penlep or the other outcomes. He decided to perform the final touch accidentally so he closed his eyes. And as though by mistake he touched the Bon….”


9 thoughts on “Penleps

  1. the western novelist (especially in Spanish literature) would guess
    1) Bon is the “lip” or the physical point of contact , which could be a paint brush to a painting, an instrument to music, the pen to a book, or the embrace of a lover.
    2) Penlep is the “conquering kiss”, or the act of achieving a magical response from the physical touch of the Bon. Which could be the surprise seduction from a painting, a movie, a book, or a lover.
    3) Elep is a dependable and ordinary “friend” which could be people, tools, books, or even some knowledge

    Yet these things are not so dark, so I am confused about the dark short story description given…..

    Money, Drugs,.. etc which came from the comment page would never have been my guess… while they are desirable, they lack physical touch nor do the evoke a priceless magical seduction.

    Nice story, I think it revealed more about myself than the author, and that probably was his dark purpose.

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