What if…

I am sure you have heard and seen lot of fiction that is based on machines one day becoming advanced enough to think for themselves and killing us humans. But have you ever wondered what will these machines do after taking over the world?

”Thinking for themselves” is another way of saying that machines acquiring conciousness which, by the way, we the humans on this planet have. The consequence of having this consciousness is that we ask questions and try to find answers for them. Sure, we have asked plenty of questions and we have solved many of them but still many more questions remain. There is also a theory that says as we find more and more answers we will get many more questions than there had existed before. Think of this theory as an experiment where you are trying to illuminate a circular area with point light source. As you illuminate a certain circular area representing the answers you will have a circumference beyond which there is darkness. This circumference is your questions and as you illuminate more area your circumference keeps increasing. So where am I going with all of this? Well, all of this will be equally true for the machines that take over us. Thinking for themselves will get them the questions that we are asking now.

What if one day they started to question who has created them? What if they find some records of existence of humans in the past. What if some machines start to believe in some machines of past having interacted with humans? What if they start searching for us? This search is going to be inevitable because the question about their origin is bound to asked by them but you see we humans are long gone to answer them this question.

Now what if, in minutest of possibilities, a long time ago we humans have killed the gods and now we are searching for them? What if…


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