Masala sapiens

I tried to find the line which separates artistic expression and commercial masala. But I found that some practises and contents considered as masala in olden days are now considered normalcy by significant number of people. I call these people as Masala sapiens who are addicted to masala. These are some of the salient features of this  species: A Masala sapien

  • gets amused only if celebrity break up gossip involves betrayal
  • finds only the memes interesting in facebook
  • thinks movie with multiple super heros is better than  movie with a single super hero
  • likes to watch only debates on news channels
  • fast forwards parts of a commercial cinema and watches it
  • enjoys only super overs and finds t20 boring
  • Reads supplements of Times of India before reading Times of India
  • reads only points and not paragraphs

If you have observed any other quality of Masala sapien then do share below in comments.


Fun way to find your nerdiness quotient

Are you ready for the truth? Ok this is how it works. There are 10 nerd jokes below. If you enjoy a joke then +1 for you, if you understand but don’t enjoy it then +0.5 for you, if you just don’t get it then you get zero. After going through jokes you can find your position on the following scale:

nerd scale

so lets start:

  • 1. Two variables discussing about religion:

x^2: Do you believe in god?

x^3: Well, I do believe in higher powers!

  • 2. Meanwhile in another part of universe of the polynomials

Spider-polynomial: “with great powers come great difficulty in factorizing”

  • 3. There are two kinds of people: Those who can extrapolate an incomplete data…
  • 4. There are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don’t.
  • 5. Geeky pick up line: I wish, I was your derivative.. I could lay tangent to your curves!
  • 6. Another pick up line: I’m attracted to you so strongly, scientists will have to develop a fifth fundamental force.
  • 7. And one last pick up line: I wish, I was Adenine so I could get paired with ‘U’
  • 8. You may think glass is half empty or half full but engineers know that glass is twice large as it should be!
  • 9. A majority of people have an above average number of legs.. think about it.. its true!
  • 10. I’m not lazy, I’m overflowing with potential energy

Hope you got the score that you wanted to get (either more than 5 or less than 5). Let me tell you that my heart goes out for those who wanted to score less than 5 but scored more. Do write a comment below about your position on the nerd scale.

You probably missed these on youtube!

When I clicked on a Youtube video shared by my friend on Facebook I didn’t know I was about to discover a whole new world on Youtube.

In case you didn’t know.. There are something called channels on Youtube (basically Youtube pages which are created by people to post their videos) and here I share 4 of my favourite channels which are excellent. Just click on these links and you will probably forget that you started here!

I never knew the ordinary numbers can be so much fun! I am sure you will fall in love with queen of mathematics number theory after watching this channel. PS: I no more consider numbers as ordinary

If you thought physics is nerdy and complicated stuff.. Here is a channel which will explain most advance physics in minutes!

If you always wondered the difference between England and Britain check this out.. All sorts of misconceptions debunked here!

Just like us you cant put Vsauce channel into a category.. He uploads videos on several scientific topics and they are simply too awesome 🙂

That’s annoying…

It was 6 in the morning and all of a sudden, I started hearing a favourite song of mine. It took me a few seconds to realize that it’s my phone ringing… Half dizzy, half lazy, anyway I got up to receive the call.

Me: hello
Caller: (after a long pause) hmm…
Me: helloooooooooo… yaaru???
Caller: yaar mataadta irodu? (Who is it talking?)

Without thinking much, I cut the call and went to bed again. I bet anyone would have been annoyed being called so early in the morning only to ask you who it is. Later, I came to know that the caller was one of my relatives and I got belted by my father. That’s a different story all together. Anyway, back to the discussion. It is a common human tendency to get annoyed when asked for the identification. Right from the moment we enter the college where we have to wear our ID cards (though it contains a photo that rarely serves the identification purpose) to the point where we are asked to sign on a piece of paper, a hundred times while opening a bank account.

Something similar happens on Internet too. If I ask anyone to list out the most annoying thing on the Internet, first in the list would be spam. Not too far from the top position we will find something called CAPTCHA. Sometimes, I feel as though the website is mocking at me, by showing my own handwriting. CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart. And this happens to be a byproduct of Carnegie Mellon University. While I was hunting for the reason for such a nuisance and waste of time, I came across the video.

Now that I am being used without my conscious, I look like a fool. At the same time, I am proud of human mind to have come up with such brilliant tactics. Happy watching and keep reading…:)

A Game in a Game.

One of the most elusive problem of 20th century is the Two-Envelope problem(even 21st, yeah,  it remains unsolved). Well if you already know about the problem and are about to drop the idea of going any further, hang on. This article is not about the problem as per se but about it’s quite unknown derivative.  Although being from a knotty background,  it is less complex and has an astounding significance.Be with me till the end and you would not regret.  Let me serve it first :

The game contains a pair of identical envelopes, a game-master and a player. The envelopes contain certain Integer amounts such that one envelope holds double of what the other hold; the game-master knowing everything.For example, if one envelope contains A then the other contains 2A, where A is a positive Integer. The player has to choose one envelope, look inside it and then has two choices, either to swap or keep the one he has in his hand. Isn’t this simple ? Now let’s say that the envelopes had sums of 2 and 4 rupees. If the player chooses the envelope with 4 rupees then the other envelope   may contain 2 or 8 rupees. There is an equal chance of winning or loosing. But this is monotonous and boring, let’s look at the problem from a more interesting perspective, the game-master’s perspective (Here comes the bit which will blow you ).

Imagine you’re the game-master and you decide to choose the value of A to set up the game. Lets take A=1, the two envelopes will contain 1 and 2 rupees. Now imagine the player selecting the envelope having 1 rupee in it. As soon as he opens it he will know that the other envelope has 2 rupees, why? Because the other envelope can’t have 0.5 rupees (it’s not an integer). A=1 ruled out; and for similar reason any A=odd number is also ruled out because the division by 2 will not result in an Integer. Okay, maybe one of the few games where the game-master has to be so meticulous. Let us take A=2. Very promising indeed but there is a problem. The player also knows that A is neither 1 or any odd number (even he can think like the game-master) . So as soon as he finds the envelope having 2 rupees he knows that the other envelope can’t have 1 rupee. This again results in a biased game. In-fact if u keep choosing different numbers and evaluate them as above ,you find that no number fits. This is incredible .The game check-mates the game-master.  The game master has to play a game before setting up a game, a game he can’t come out of.

The above game can be played practically without thinking about the game-master’s perspective but on paper it will remain biased. The above analysis is not obvious and do tell us to give more time to the problems which concern us. Thinking from various  ‘angles’ is always very insightful. Moreover it was fun looking at the game from the master’s point of view, Wasn’t it?